Ridgway Game Birds..

Ridgway Game Birds..



Muscovy ducklings have many distinguishing features.  Their faces are covered with rough, red skin and drakes have a fleshy knob at the base of their bills.  Drakes are nearly twice as heavy as the hens.  Muscovies are excellent foragers and can utilize large quntities of grass.  If good quality forage is available pasturized ducklings require only light feeds of grain once daily.  Muscovies offer a high profit potential with excellent holiday demand.  Each hen can naturally produce 30 ducklings a year..


Order pheasant for your enjoyment. Hardy, strong stock for hunting or dressing. They are non-migratory, live on the ground scratching for weed seeds and grains left after harvest. One of the most popular game birds and greatly esteemed as a table delicacy. Watch them develop into beautiful mature adult birds in 16 to 18 weeks. Dress out at 2 lbs.

A sporty and fast-flying pheasant developed in Kansas.  These birds have blue backs and erect posture.  Great for hunting.  Birds will weigh between 1.4 and 2.4 lbs. depending on the sex.

The Bobwhite Quail is the most popular game bird even with those who do not hunt.  If it has any competitor, it would be the ringneck pheasant. Bobwhite quail are small, chunky birds and usually travel on foot and stay in a limited area. For this reason they need shelter and food close together. Because of their small size we cannot ship less than 100 birds. Feed day-old birds high protein feed, game bird or turkey starter.

GUINEAS              NEW                       

Guineas destroy garden insects, ticks and mosquitoes plus protect the farm flocks from intruders.  Very beautiful, royal, lavender, white and pearl colored.  Under good management, the average live weight of young guineas is 2 1/2 pounds at just 13 weeks old.  A well managed hen will lay 100 or more eggs a year.

If well managed, birds will mature in 11 weeks and will be ready for butcher.  Dressed guineas are plump with dark meat.  Day-old keets should be fed a 24% protein ration feed and this should result in a 4 lb. bird.

GUINEAS - ( No Sexing)

25 50 100

French  - April & May

125.00 190.00 345.00

Pearl  - May-September

120.00 190.00 345.00

Assorted - May-September
Royal, White, Pearl, Lavender

120.00 212.00 337.00

Surplus Guineas - when available

103.00 180.00 320.00

QUAIL - ( No Sexing)

. 100 300

Bobwhite - May - July

. 285.00 2.70 ea.

PHEASANTS - ( No Sexing)

30 60 120

Ringneck - May-July

85.00 150.00 235.00

Kansas Blue Back - mid May-June

89.00 150.00 235.00

Surplus Pheasants - when available

79.00 135.00 215.00


We recommend that you visit the National Poultry Museum,
18 miles west of Kansas City on No. 70, Bonners Spring, KS. 
You will find it most interesting and educational.

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